Barbeques and fireplaces of corten steel

Limeco Traveler bbq -firepit

The aim of designing this barbecue was to create a practical product. This barbecue fireplace, which is assembled in just five parts very quickly and easily, is what will make life easier for barbecue and picnic lovers throughout the season. The dismantled LIMECO barbecue will take up little space in your car. And when you arrive at the resort and effortlessly assemble the structure, you will quickly enjoy the delicacies fried on fire or embers…
It is understood that a practical product is a long-lasting product. We make these barbecue fireplaces from 5mm CORTEN steel plates. This means that your LIMECO barbecue will serve for more than ten years and will delight your eyes with changing shades!
And if you want to have a really exclusive barbecue – our masters, according to your wishes, will cut out an image or an inscription on the barbecue of your choice for an additional 20 euros. It would be a practical gift for a friend or grill lover!
The set includes: 5-piece LIMECO grill, switches for switches, stainless steel cooking plate.
The tray of the barbecue costs +20 eur.
Weight – 29 kg.

Limeco orbital bbq

This is an exclusive and high-quality product that makes cooking real fun!
The construction of this grill is made of weather-resistant CORTEN steel, which will last for more than ten years. The base is made of 3 mm CORTEN steel and the baking ring is made of 6 mm stainless steel. These high-quality and durable materials ensure that you do not have to dismantle the barbecue and carry it under the roof after a hearty dinner. You won’t need a film to protect the grill from the rain either.
On the hot oval surface, you can cook a variety of foods at once – both meat and vegetables or other foods. This barbecue will satisfy not only the biggest grill lovers, but also those who lack patience, because baking with Orbital is easy, and the maintenance of the barbecue takes only a few minutes after baking. The Orbital grill is designed not only to hold cooking tools or wood, but also to easily regulate the air flow and cooking temperature. The drawer in the grill not only helps to remove ashes easily, but you can easily regulate the air flow with this drawer.
Orbital barbecue is not only a great choice for cooking, but also a great place to gather family and friends for a quiet and cozy sitting. Quiet wood and dim flame light give the environment coziness, and this way of cooking is a real exotic both in your yard and in the restaurant.

Limeco FIREBOWL fireplace

The legs can be welded or bolted.

Height – 440 mm
Diameter – 855mm
Corten thickness – 3 mm

classic barbecue made of stainless, black or corten steel

Dreaming of a barbecue that would serve you for decades? This classic 4mm Corten steel barbecue is just for you! The barbecue, made of this special steel, over time is covered with a layer of patina (in the form of rust) that protects against corrosion, and over time it only becomes stronger. Corten Barbecue will delight your eyes with changing shades every year.
The barbecue consists of three parts – a base, a stand and a food stainless steel shelf for storing tools.
We can cut out the desired caption or image on the sides, so it can be a great gift!

individual bbq and fireplaces in all sizes and forms

We design and manufacture barbecues, fireplaces and fireplaces. They are made of 2-6 mm COR-TEN® steel, so they will last for more than ten years. Due to its anti-corrosion properties, you will be able to leave the barbecue outside all year round and not be afraid that it will hurt. We can offer a stainless steel baking tray for every barbecue, barbecue or altar. We suggest cutting out the desired image or note with a laser – it can be a great gift!